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Going Green Labs offers analytical solutions for a complete Cannabis breakdown for quality and safety control for Medical Marijuana Patients, Cannabis Dispensaries, Vendors, Organic Farmers, Compassion Centers, and Social Clubs.
Going Green Labs supplies printed reports and certificates for Cannabis Dispensaries, Medical Marijuana Patients, Cannabis Farms, and Cannabis Growers. The data quantifies the Quality, Potency, Pesticide Residue, and Composition of the Cannabis sample(s) tested by Going Green Labs Inc.. This is the forming  part of our quality QR labeling tracking system in-place.
Going Green Labs offers quality safety screening when comparing Potency / Mold Analysis / Pesticide Residues Testing.


GoingGreenLabs.com - Cannabis Testing


Going Green Labs is offering the most accurate and affordable testing methods for Potency / Pesticide Residues / & Mold Inspection of the cannabis plant or product to be investigated. The agronomical, pharmacological, botanical and chemo-type aspects of cannabis are now literally available by request. GC and Mass Spectrometer analysis are normally very expensive and time-consuming, but thanks to the Going Green Labs, they are now within everyone’s reach at a fraction of the competition cost.

Going Green Labs implements routine screening tests on all cannabis and cannabis related products including BHO / RSO / Tinctures / Flowers / Leaves (Shake) / Hash / and most cannabis products we can test. Going Green Labs offers to growers and producers classification of all genotype varieties in the U.S.A. and the rest of the world based on chemotype, strength, and potency. Going Green Labs has just updated all of our machines for our cannabis pesticide testing lab. 



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